Monteagudo Studio is an open concept studio which is specialized in visual creation. Taking photography, videography and design as our main structure. We have been studying and working around these three branches of art many years ago but it was in 2014 when we decided to give all our work and knowledge a new perspective.


Light is one of our main raw material and we feel very inspired by it. We take very seriously the visual effect of it and it is our every day job to read, experiment and evolve with it. It is in this precise element where we try to look for our distinctive point of view.


Our studio is based in Madrid but we can travel all over the world under petition. Many projects have taken us world wide including; Portugal, Canary Islands, Andorra, France, Switzerland and many other places still to come! 


We work with big agencies, businesses and also particulars. Clients such as Estrella Galicia, Coca-Cola, Ymedia, Stone Designs, The Warehouse Design, Bizarro Motorcycles, The Foundry Mc have made us improve and understand many scales and types of projects, We adapt to your briefing and give as many ideas as possible, for us, each project is a blanc paper ready to be filled with solutions.

We also rely upon a large team of collaborators in order to complement and improve each one of our projects.