MOREMOTO ( motorcycle shops)

Design: Stone Designs

Client: Moremoto Racing

Year: 2016

Location:  Polg. Ind. Las Nieves, Calle Puerto Navafría, 31, 28935 Móstoles, Madrid, Spain

When someone travels as much as Stone Designs does, projects become a cultural melting pot, where we can find references to lots of traditions that correctly merged, shape unique projects, where spaces have a purpose: make the user feel well and comfortable.

Our client was very specific about the king of look and feel effect of the final photography of his Moremoto project. They wanted to recreate a small village at night, with it's corners, dark and lit areas, spaces to relax others that encourage to begin a conversation. In general terms the style had to be low light, warm and cozy.

The space doesn’t leave indifferent. With no doubt, it is a new reference and a new turn to the motorbike equipment stores.